How to Take Down a Drone Legally? Quick Guide 2024

How to take down a drone legally? The number of drones in the United States is increasing day by day, which can easily be seen everywhere in the sky. Drones are very helpful for humans in many ways like surveillance, recreation, photo, and videography.

The problem comes when a drone is flying over private property and intruding on people’s privacy. These drones could capture your images and videos and could be used for criminal activities. Most people facing this problem and looking for a solution for how to take down a drone legally.

In this post, we will discuss, what the legal methods for stopping drones from flying in your area are, and how to disable a drone on private property.

Can You Shoot Down a Drone Legally?

Shooting the drone

The perfect method would be to shoot a drone, but this is against the law. To take down a drone legally, you will need to follow the guidelines set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). These guidelines state that you must not shoot at a drone, as this could damage property or injure people. Shooting the drone can easily damage the drone and could cause it to crash to a person.

Instead, you must contact your local law enforcement agency to report the drone and its location. The law enforcement agency will then investigate and take appropriate action.

How to Take Down a Drone Legally?

These methods could be used to bring down a drone flying over your house.

Use a Net Gun: 

To take down a drone legally by not harming a drone or any person near you, then a net gun will be the best option. A net gun could catch a drone by throwing a net at a drone. This gun is very helpful to catch flying objects or any bird. This technique is very successful when the drone is flying not at a great height, you just need to wait for the drone to come closer to the range of the gun and then press the trigger.

This will bring the drone down without damaging the drone and other people. For this purpose, the use of a net gun is recommended.

Call Law Enforcement Departments:

If you are concerned about your privacy and don’t want people to spy on you with a drone, then calling the law enforcement Department departments will be the best method. You can report a complaint at any police station near you or call 911. The police officers will help you to stop illegal drones from flying over your house. As a result, the law enforcement departments will be responsible for all legal activities.

Stop the Pilot:

Stop the pilot

Identifying the pilot who is flying a drone over your house is the first step in stopping it from flying over your house. Finding the pilot is not a difficult task, most drones fly in a range from several meters to 1-2 kilometers. After detecting the drone pilot you can ask him to stop flying a drone over your house. This method is good because you don’t have to do illegal activities to take down a drone.

Use Anti-drone Drones:

There are some drones available that are used to stop other drones from flying over a restricted place. Thes drones usually are bigger than traditional drones and they carry a net on their lower side. This net is used to capture the drone. When you see an unknown drone flying over your house or a restricted area then fly your anti-drone over that drone and catch it with the net. This method is safe because it will not harm the drone and bring it safely.

Use Trained Birds:

To take down a drone from flying over your house with the help of a bird seems to be a joke, but this is true some police departments are using trained eagles to capture unauthorized drones. The Dutch police use eagles to hunt illegal drones flying in restricted areas.

The eagle possesses great flight and preying skills, making it an effective predator of drones. As a result, 80% of the eagles successfully bring the drones down without harming the drone and its claws. This is a safer method to bring down a drone to land.


While it’s legal to take down a drone that’s flying over your property, you should always proceed with caution. If you do decide to take down a drone, make sure you’re using a non-lethal method and that you’re not putting yourself or others in danger.

Be aware of your state and local laws before taking any actions, as they can vary from place to place. And if you have any doubts, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and contact law enforcement for assistance.

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