How to Find a lost Drone without a Tracker? Top Easy Methods

How to find a lost drone without a tracker? Losing a drone can be a frustrating and costly experience, whether it’s a small hobby drone or a professional-grade model. If you have lost your drone during flight and your drone does not have any tracker, then you are at the right place. After lots of research and analysis, we have found various methods to find a lost drone.

This post will discuss the top methods to find a drone without using a tractor.

Why do Drones Get Lost?

There are several potential reasons why a drone may have gotten lost. One possibility is that the drone’s GPS malfunctioned, causing it to lose its bearings and become disoriented. Another possibility is that the drone’s operator lost control of the device due to interference from other electronic devices or human error in piloting the drone. Additionally, the drone may have encountered unexpected environmental conditions, such as strong winds or extreme temperatures, which caused it to be lost.

How to Find a lost Drone without a Tracker in 2023

Finding a lost drone is a relatively easy task. You need to rely on a few factors. You can find your drone in the daytime with the help of your friends and relatives. In this process, finding a drone with keeping you safe as well. If the drone still has its battery remaining at night, it will be easy to find your drone by looking at its lights.

The most important thing is how, where, and why you lost your drone. First, don’t keep your controller off after losing your drone because the controller is the only thing connected to your drone. If the controller is connected to your drone, you will likely find your drone in a couple of minutes by seeing the map. You can still take several steps to locate your lost drone, even without a tracker.

Use Return to Home:

If you have lost your drone and it has a feature in most drones called “return home mode,” you can try using that feature to locate it. This mode works when the drone is connected to the remote controller. If your remote is not connected to the drone, try to move in a random direction to get close to your drone, or use a signal booster antenna to increase the range of your controller.

Then, activate the return home mode by pressing the designated button on the controller or through the settings on your smartphone app. After pressing that button, your drone should return to its take-off position.

Use Flight Logs or last Known Coordinates:

Anyone who loses their drone has another option, but it can be especially helpful to pilots whose drones run out of battery power. Remote controllers are typically capable of storing the last known coordinates of the drone before it disconnects, which may be useful to you and your search party. You just need to use these coordinates to find your lost drone.

This can be done by putting this information in any GPS machine or a smartphone. Then GPS will help you to find your lost drone very effectively.

Use Telemetry data on your Controller:

To find a drone using telemetry on your controller, first, make sure that your drone is turned on and connected to the controller. Then, look for the telemetry data on the controller display screen or app. This data may include the drone’s current location, altitude, and heading. Using this information, you can determine the direction in which the drone is currently flying and use it to locate the drone visually.

Alternatively, you may use the telemetry data to navigate the drone back to a specific location or follow a predetermined flight path. To accurately interpret the telemetry data, it is important to understand the different units of measurement used and how they relate to the drone’s position and movement. You will be able to find your drone back after using telemetry data.

Search the Area:

If you have lost your drone, you can find it by visiting where it was flying. Search the area where you last had control of the drone. Chances are, the drone is still near where it was last flown. Look for any visible signs of the drone, such as its propellers or debris from a crash. This is the common method to find a drone.

Use Apps to Find Your Drone:

Use Apps to Find drone

To find a drone using apps, download a drone trackings app such as DroneWatcher AI or Drone Finder on your phone or tablet. These apps use GPS technology to locate drones in your area and provide a map of their location.

Next, turn on your drone and connect it to the app using Bluetooth or WiFi. The app will then be able to locate your drone and provide its location on the map. If you have lost your drone, you can use the app to search for it in the surrounding area.

Some apps also have a “lost drone” feature that allows you to enter the serial number of your drone and receive notifications if someone else finds it. Check the app regularly to see if your drone has been located.

Ask for Help from a Friend:

help from a friend

To find your lost drone could be done by asking for help from your friend or for help from any nearby individuals or groups. This is simple if two or more people help you to find your drone, then it will be very effective and helpful.

If you were flying your drone in a public area, there might have been other people around who may have seen where your drone went. Ask if they saw where it landed or if they have any information about its whereabouts.

Utilize Social Media:

Utilize social media

Social media could be very effective in finding your lost drone because everybody uses social media and is connected. You can publish news on social media about your lost drone. Post on local Facebook groups or Craigslist asking if anyone has found your drone.

If somebody found your drone, then they could contact you.This will surely help you to find your drone. 

Check with Local Authorities:

Contact police

If your drone landed on private property or in a restricted area, the owner of the property or the authorities might have retrieved it. Contact your local police department or airport to see if they have any information on your lost drone. This is possible that your lost drone could be submitted to a police station and you can find your lost drone at a police station.

Use Another Drone:

Use Another Drone

You can find your lost drone by using another drone. If you are lucky to have more than one drone, this can be very helpful; otherwise, you can ask someone to give you a drone. You can simply fly a second drone and monitor where you lost the drone.

The drone’s camera will give you a good view of the area from the top and help you find your lost drone very quickly.When you locate your drone, you can go to that place and pick your drone.

Using Posters of your Drone:

You can find your drone by using posters; You should first create a clear and detailed poster with a photo of your drone and a description of any unique features it may have. You must include your contact information and a reward for anyone who returns it. Next, You have to print and hang these posters in an area where you lost your drone or places such as parks, playgrounds, or busy intersections, where people can see the poster. If someone who found your drone reads, will contact you and will return your drone.

Tips to Protect your Drone From Loosing?

  1. Always make sure your drone has a fully charged battery before flying. This will reduce the risk of losing power mid-flight.
  2. Avoid flying your drone in bad weather conditions, such as strong winds or heavy rain. These conditions can cause your drone to lose stability and crash.
  3. Make sure to follow all local regulations and guidelines for flying drones in your area. This will help you avoid potential legal issues and fines.
  4. Use the “return to home” feature on your drone if it starts to drift too far away or if you lose sight of it. This will help ensure that your drone comes back to you safely.
  5. Consider purchasing additional safety features for your drones, such as a GPS tracker or an automatic landing feature. These can help you locate and recover your drone if it goes missing.
  6. Practice flying your drone in a safe and controlled environment before entering more complex or unfamiliar areas. This will help you become more familiar with its capabilities and limitations and will help you react more quickly if something goes wrong.


How to find a lost drone without a tracker? You can do a few things if you’ve lost your drone without a tracker. First, remember where you last had it and thoroughly search that area. If you can’t find it there, the next best thing to do is to reach out to your local law enforcement and see if anyone has found it. Finally, you can post flyers in public places with a picture of your drone and your contact information if someone finds it. With a little effort, hopefully, you’ll be reunited with your drone soon!

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