Drone Laws in Bangladesh (How to Register and Fly)

Do you want to fly drones in Bangladesh for commercial or recreational purposes without getting into any legal trouble?

In this blog post, we will discuss drone laws in Bangladesh in detail so that you are aware of all the rules and restrictions.

Before going into details about the drone rules and restrictions in Bangladesh, we’ll give you a brief overview.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB), flying a drone is legal in Bangladesh; nonetheless, we recommend being aware of and adhering to the drone rules and regulations in Bangladesh which we’ll cover in this blog post.

Drone laws in Bangladesh?

drone laws

Flying drones in Bangladesh is legal. But flying drones commercially, recreationally or as a hobby must follow the rules.

Below are the drone laws in Bangladesh that you need to follow while operating for any purpose:

  • A minimum age of 18 is required for drone pilots.
  • Liability insurance that protects against risks of harm or damage to the public and/or property is necessary for any drone-related activity.
  • You can fly drones in the daytime and in visible weather conditions.
  • You can fly drones at a maximum height of 200 feet.
  • A Drone Operator must get specific approval for the use of a drone if it will be operated within ten nautical miles of an airfield.
  • Before you may use a drone, you must first obtain a permit, have it authorised, and have insurance.
  • You are responsible for conducting a safe operation, and you must never jeopardise aviation safety.
  • Alcohol is not permitted eight hours before the flight.
  • A fire extinguisher should always be nearby.
  • Avoid flying your drone near locations where local authorities could be concerned, such as military bases or power plants.
  • You need to maintain a 300-metre (1000-foot) distance from people, structures, and vehicles.

Drone Regulating Agencies in Bangladesh:

The Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) is responsible for regulating drones in the country.

You need to take permission from CAAB for operating drones for commercial activities and near airports and government buildings.

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Can You Fly a Drone in Bangladesh For Recreational Purposes?

Yes, You can fly drones in Bangladesh for recreational purposes. You can fly drones weighing less than 5 kg for recreational purposes without a license. You cannot fly such drones higher than 500 feet.

Drone Categories in Bangladesh:

The government of Bangladesh has divided drones into 4 different categories.

Class A: Drones in Class A must weigh less than five kilogrammes and be used for recreational purposes. 

Class B: Drones classed as “Class B” is utilised for non-commercial activities such as personal research and large-scale area surveys.

Class C: Commercial use is approved for “Class C” drones that weigh greater than five kilogrammes.

Class D: Drones classed as “Class D” that is used for governmental or military reasons are exempt from licensing requirements.

How to Register a Drone in Bangladesh?

Follow these steps to register a drone in Bangladesh:

  • Obtain permission from the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) by submitting an application form along with all required documents, such as the drone’s specifications, the purpose of use, the flight plan, and insurance.
  • You must obtain a security clearance certificate from the Ministry of Home Affairs after receiving CAAB approval.
  • You can begin the registration process once you have obtained security clearance. To register your drone, fill out the registration form available on the CAAB website.
  • Along with your registration form, you must include a copy of your permission letter and security clearance certificate.
  • After completing the registration form, you must pay a registration fee of BDT 5,000.
  • When your registration is approved, you will be given a registration number and a certificate, both of which must be attached to your drone.

It is essential to remember that before flying your drone in Bangladesh, you must register it. Failure to follow may result in fines or other consequences.

FAQs: Drone Laws in Bangladesh:

What are the general rules for flying drones in Bangladesh?

The Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh regulates drone legislation in Bangladesh (CAAB). To fly a drone in Bangladesh, pilots must be at least 18 years old, have liability insurance, operate only during daylight hours and in VMC, and have specific permission from the authority.

Drone pilots must also seek authorization from the owner of the property where they plan to launch and land their drones.

What is the drone height limit in Bangladesh?

Drone activities are only permitted during the day and under clear weather conditions. Drone operations may be conducted up to 200 feet in the air (above ground level).

Can I bring a drone to Bangladesh?

Drones are permitted in Bangladesh; however, before doing any operations, you must obtain permission from the air traffic control authority. The  Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) must be informed 45 days in advance if a permit is required.

What are the consequences of illegally flying a drone in Bangladesh?

The nature and severity of your infringement will determine the amount and scope of the fine. The judges will also consider whether you committed the infringement on purpose and/or for commercial gain.

After everything is in order, you may begin soaring above Bangladesh’s breathtaking landscapes and creating films.


In conclusion, Flying drones in Bangladesh is legal, but one must follow the rules. A minimum age of 18 is required, liability insurance is necessary, drones can only be flown in the daytime and in visible weather conditions and a Drone Operator must obtain a permit, have it authorised, and have insurance.

Finally, if you follow the drone laws in Bangladesh, you can avoid many legal problems.