Drone Laws In Alabama? (How To Register And Fly)

Drone laws in Alabama state that you must register your UAV/drone with the FAA unless you’re using it for leisurely flights. Federal law prohibits failure to comply. It is applicable nationwide in the US, and the laws are the same in all 50 states. But don’t worry; all you need to do is contact the state government in question.

You must comply with all federal flight regulations and register your drone with the FAA. Unless you have permission from the airport, you cannot fly higher than 400 feet or closer than 5 miles from an airport. Additionally, it is prohibited to fly over any protected airspace and within three miles of a prison.

These are drone laws that apply to every state in the U.S., including Alabama and were created by the federal government.

Drone Laws In Alabama:

The drone laws in Alabama are quite extensive and comprise both state laws and federal laws.

You should be aware that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) expects you to abide by all of its safety regulations if you fly a drone for fun in Alabama.

If you are using your drone for any purpose other than recreational purposes, you must adhere to FAA regulations even if state law exempts you from registration or licencing requirements.

Federal Drone Laws In Alabama:

Federal Drone Laws

In Alabama, commercial drone pilots are required to follow the FAA’s Part 107 Small UAS Rule (Part 107), which includes passing the FAA’s Aeronautical Knowledge Test in order to obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate in order to fly drones for work or business purposes.

For recreational drone flying in Alabama, the FAA requires passing the Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST). Also, you must follow the FAA’s recreational model aircraft regulations.

One of those regulations states that you must pay $5 to register your drone if it weighs more than 0.55 lbs (250g). Additional guidelines apply to airspace, altitude, maintaining line-of-sight while flying your drone, and more.

Using a drone as a government employee in Alabama (such as for a police or fire department) requires either the FAA’s Part 107 rule or a federal Certificate of Authorization (COA).

State Drone Laws in Alabama:

The Alabama Legislature passed these drone laws, which are valid throughout the state.

Both the Alabama Legislature and the Alabama Department of Transportation claim that drone use is not currently regulated by state law.

All drone operators in the state of Alabama are subject to the Part 107 regulations of the FAA. You can learn more about the FAA’s certification process for obtaining a commercial drone licence in this free guide.

Local Drone Laws in Alabama:

These laws concerning drone use in Alabama were created by a number of state agencies and are only relevant to specific counties, cities, or areas of the state.

2016-28 Oxford City Ordinance:

Any city-owned property, including parks and recreational areas, as well as any other areas that the city’s police chief has designated, cannot be flown over by drones. A further authority granted by this ordinance is for police to enforce FAA rules.

City of Orange Beach, 2017:

Unless the FAA and the city administrator have specifically approved the operation, drone use is prohibited within 500 feet of any venue, outdoor special event, or Gulf beach area under this city ordinance.

Gulf Shores Drone Laws:

Drone flight regulations in Gulf Shores are set forth in Chapter 3 of the Gulf Shores, Alabama Code of Ordinances (Airport-Aircraft/Article II). Sections 3.–166 of the Rules and Regulations, Division 9: Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. – Equipment that is not allowed to be used; safe equipment use. – Accidents, the obligation to help others, harassment, and illegal voyeurism. – Licenses; exemptions. Permits, Section 3-168, and Section 3-169. – Division violation as a crime; affirmative defences.

According to Gulf Shores ordinances, flying a UAV is not permitted on Gulf Beach, during specific outdoor events, inside, or close to a venue. You would need permission from a city administrator and the FAA to use your drone in these locations.

FAA Drone Regulations In Alabama:

All drones weighing more than 0.55 pounds must be registered with the FAA prior to their first outdoor flight.

You will then receive a certificate of registration, which must be displayed on each of your drones, and contains your name, email address, and UAS ID number.

If you don’t register your drone, you could face up to $27,500 in civil fines or even go to jail if you don’t heed letters from the FAA warning you before taking legal action.

A fine of up to $250,000 or a prison sentence of up to three years is a possible penalty. A user of a UAS who does not register runs the risk of losing out on future registration benefits.

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Drone License In Alabama:

In Alabama, flying a drone for recreation or as a hobby is not required to have a specific drone licence. However, if you want to use your drone for commercial activities like aerial photography or surveying, you must obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

To obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate, you must meet the requirements listed below:

  • Drone pilots must be sixteen years old or older.
  • The drone pilot possesses the capacity to comprehend, speak, and write English.
  • Most important drone owners should pass an FAA-approved facility’s test on aeronautical knowledge.
  • And also pass the background check conducted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Once you have obtained your Remote Pilot Certificate and are in compliance with FAA regulations, you are authorised to fly a drone for a living.

Rules For Flying Drones In Alabama?

Rules for flying drones

For drone enthusiasts, the FAA has published regulations. As long as they are operated in accordance with Part 107 regulations, which do not require additional FAA approval, drones may be used in flight. You must.

  • Keep your drone at or below 400 feet when flying in uncontrolled airspace.
  • While flying always keep your drone in your line of sight.
  • Don’t approach other aircraft too closely.
  • Never fly close to emergency response activities, such as fires, crowds at public events, or hospitals.
  • Never take off from or land at an airport in close proximity without first consulting air traffic control and airport management.

Are Drones Allowed In Alabama?

In Alabama, flying drones is indeed legal. You should be aware of two things before flying a drone in Alabama: drones must always give way to manned aircraft and are not allowed over some sensitive areas, like power plants, military bases, etc. Please read our article on federal drone laws before flying.

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Best Places To Fly Drone In Alabama:

Here are a few of the best drone flight locations in Alabama.

Cheaha State Park:

Cheaha State Park in Talladega County is home to Mount Cheaha, the highest point in Alabama. In addition to a 1,000-foot mountain cliff that offers stunning views of the Appalachian foothills, it has a 24-mile hiking trail.

The park borders Talladega National Forest and has been designated by the National Audubon Society as an Important Bird Area. There is a camping area on the property for guests planning to stay longer than one night.

Guntersville Lake:

Guntersville Lake The 69,100-acre Lake Guntersville in northeast Alabama has more than 950 miles of shoreline that runs alongside the Tennessee River. The lake was created by TVA flooding land in 1939, and it has since become a popular recreation area for boating, fishing, camping, and other outdoor activities.


In Alabama, drone pilots must be at least 16 years old. If your drone weighs more than 0.55 lbs, you must have to register it with FAA. Any public or private property over which you do not have permission from the owner or tenant must not have a drone flying over it.

It is crucial to be aware of Alabama’s drone laws if you plan to buy a drone or already own one. Flying your drone can be made significantly simpler, more convenient, and safer by understanding the laws and what they mean. If you find our post on Drone laws in Alabama helpful then leave a comment below!


Do you need a permit to fly a drone in Alabama?

As long as you follow FAA regulations, you don’t need a licence to fly a drone in Alabama for recreation or professional training. If you plan to use your drone for commercial purposes, you should submit an application for a Remote Pilot Testament to the FAA. Prior to using your drone in some parks or public spaces, you might need to obtain a permit from those locations.

Is it legal to fly a drone over private property in Alabama?

If you follow FAA regulations and respect the owner’s right to security, it is acceptable to fly a drone over private property in Alabama. However, if landowners believe that the use of the drone has violated their right to security, they may have the option to file a claim.

Can you fly a drone at the beach in Alabama?

Rules and restrictions might be present depending on the specific ocean side. Drone operators who fly near Alabama’s coastline should check with the local government and adhere to all applicable FAA regulations.