6 Best Places to Fly a Drone in Indiana in 2024?

Indiana, is a state in the American Midwest known for its gorgeous scenery, full-of-life cities, and rich heritage of culture. With drones being more and more popular, there are more possibilities than ever for taking breathtaking aerial footage of this delightful state.

However, it can be challenging to know where to fly a drone in Indiana. For your help, I have shortlisted some of the best places to fly a drone in Indiana for legal drone photography. Indiana has many interesting spots that are ideal for taking magnificent aerial footage, no matter your level of drone experience or the stage that you are in the early stages of learning.

Before taking your drone to the skies make sure to obey drone laws to prevent yourself from any legal actions or penalties. Now jump to the article!

Overview of Drone Laws in Indiana:

The drone rules in Indiana are governed by Federal Aviation Administration FAA same as other states in the US. Aside from federal drone laws, there are local laws and state laws governing drone usage in Indiana. These rules are for the safety and privacy of people and nature.

Federal Drone Laws in Indiana:

Drones are small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), that are under Federal Aviation Administration part 107. Federal drone laws regulate drone laws for all types of drone use commercial, recreational, and governmental purposes. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the federal drone laws when flying a drone in Indiana.

Drone Laws for Commercial Drone Pilots:

According to FAA part 107, drones used for commercial purposes in the US must be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration. The pilot of a drone gets the right to use a drone for business reasons if they have passed the FAA’s Aeronautical Knowledge Test.

Drone Laws for Recreational Drone Pilots:

In the state of Indiana, drone use is legal for recreational and hobby purposes. You must pass the Federal Recreational Drone Safety Trust (Test) in order to achieve this. If a drone weighs 0.55 to 55 pounds, it must be registered with the FAA under part 107. Simply visit FAADroneZone, pay the $5 registration fee, and you’re done.

You also have to stick to the FAA’s Part 107 regulations, which refer to both for business purposes. and recreational use of drone operators. These regulations state that drones must fly within a visual line of sight, at a maximum altitude of 400 feet (120 meters), outside of controlled airspaces, such as within five miles of an airport, and never over private property without permission from its owner.

Penalties and legal repercussions may follow any rules that are broken. You can check airspace information, including any active flight restrictions, using your smartphone by downloading the B4UFLY app

State and Local Drone Laws in Indiana:

To fly a drone legally you must obey state and local drone laws in Indianapolis to prevent any legal consequences. Indiana has several state laws that you cannot operate a drone for hunting purposes, don’t fly a drone over private property to invade someone’s privacy, and a drone cannot be used to harass someone.

Local drone laws in Indianapolis must obey Fort Wayne Drone Ordinance (2019) before flying drones in Fort Wayne City. For more detail, you can read the complete detail about drone laws in Indiana.

Best Places to Fly a Drone in Indiana:

My thorough research led me to identify the top 6 best places to fly drones in Indiana where drones are legally allowed to be flown. These locations were chosen based on drone flying regulations, airspace restrictions, scenic vistas, and tourist attractions. Let’s now investigate these fantastic locations!

1. Military Park:

West New York Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202

A historic park called Military Park can be found in Indianapolis, Indiana. The park spans over 14 acres and was originally established in 1822 as a public gathering space. There have also been a variety of events held there, including military training exercises, political rallies, and outdoor gatherings like the Medal of Honour Memorial.

Military Park also contains several monuments and memorials, including the Depew Memorial Fountain and the World War Memorial. The latter honor the Indiana soldiers who fought and died in World War I and feature a towering obelisk surrounded by four sculptures representing the branches of the military.

For drone enthusiasts, Military Park offers a unique perspective on some of Indianapolis’ most historic landmarks and scenic views. Flying a drone over the park can provide stunning aerial footage of the monuments and skyline, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods and streets.

2. American Legion Mall:

700 N Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis, IN 46204

In the middle of Indianapolis, Indiana, the American Legion Mall is a lovely walkway lined with trees. It stretches from the Indiana War Memorial to the Statehouse, covering over six blocks of green space.

The mall, which includes a number of architecture and memorials honoring their service, was created in 1924 as a tribute to World War I veterans. These monuments include the Veterans Memorial Plaza, a 210-foot-tall statue, and various sculptures that represent the history of soldiers.

The American Legion Mall is a well-liked location for public events like concerts, festivals, and political rallies in addition to these historical sites. Due to its larger its best for recreational activities like jogging, picnic, and photography.

For drone enthusiasts, the American Legion Mall offers a unique perspective on some of Indianapolis’ most iconic landmarks and scenic views. Flying a drone over the mall can provide stunning aerial footage of the monuments and skyline, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods and streets.

3. Historical Garfield Park:

2345 Pagoda Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46203

Historical Garfield Park is a beautiful public park located in the Garfield Park neighborhood of Indianapolis, Indiana. This park was established in the early 1800s on an area of 128 acres which gives opportunities for multiple fun activities for visitors.

This park features many activities including a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a picnic shelter as well as beautiful gardens.  For drone enthusiasts, Historical Garfield Park offers a unique opportunity to capture aerial footage of the park’s beautiful landscapes and attractions.

Flying a drone over the sunken garden and conservatory can provide stunning views of the intricate patterns and colors of the plants and flowers.

4. Nest RC Field:

15251 Olio Rd, Noblesville, IN 46060

Nest RC Field is a dedicated remote control (RC) airplane field located in Noblesville City, Indiana. The field spans over 15 acres and offers a safe and controlled environment for RC enthusiasts to fly their planes. The field features a 400-foot paved runway and a large grassy area for takeoff and landing. There are also several pilot stations and shaded areas for spectators to watch the planes in action.

Nest RC Field is operated by the  North-east Side Taildraggers RC Aviation Club organization that promotes the hobby of RC flying and provides a welcoming community for enthusiasts of all skill levels. The club hosts regular events and competitions, as well as offering training and resources for new pilots.

5. White River:

7851 White River Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46240, USA

The central and southern regions of Indiana are divided by the White River, a beautiful waterway. With a total length of more than 360 miles, it is the state’s longest and biggest river. The White River is full of natural and wild environments with different birds and animals. This is also a famous fishing spot for different fishes.

For drone enthusiasts, the White River offers a unique opportunity to capture stunning aerial footage of the river and its surrounding landscapes. Flying a drone over the river can provide views of the winding waterway, the lush forests and fields along its banks, and even the cityscapes of nearby towns and cities.

6. Taggart Riverside Park:

2420 E Riverside Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46208

A stunning public park called Taggart Riverside Park is situated alongside the White River in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was established in 1903 over 100 acres of land make up the park, which offers visitors a range of opportunities for fun. This park is famous for its tourist attraction and for many reasons like the hilly terrain, beautiful river views, and green forests.

For drone enthusiasts, Taggart Riverside Park offers a unique opportunity to capture stunning aerial footage of the park’s natural beauty and recreational activities.

Conclusion: Where to Fly a Drone in Indiana?

Indiana offers a variety of beautiful landscapes and unique locations for drone enthusiasts to capture stunning aerial footage. From the scenic White River to the historical Garfield Park, and the dedicated Nest RC Field, there’s no shortage of places to explore with a drone in Indiana. 

These locations are not only for their scenic views but also offers tourist attraction and public events. Remember to follow all the rules and regulations before flying a drone at any place.

You must have to follow federal laws, state, and local laws for the safety and privacy of people and also to prevent any legal actions.